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Livigno city center

Livigno city center and shopping zone and the pedestrians zone.


Piz da l'Acqua

Piz da l'Acqua 3126m is a mountain in the Livigno Range, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland in the canton of Graubünden. It is part of the Swiss National Park.


Lago di Livigno

Lago di Livigno, the artificial lake and road to Swiss boarder - to the Tunnel Munt la Schera. The treaties that resulted in the construction of the Dam in the Ponte del Gallo area were very difficult due to the international character of the waters of the Spöl. The construction of the dam began in 1964 and finished in 1968. The official opening was held on 27th August 1971.This river flows for over 23km along the valley, then it enters into the Swiss National Park and finishes up in Zernez, in the Alta Engadina, where Livigno's river flows into the Inn river. The lake serves for irregular flow balancing of the Inn river.


Mottolino cable cabin

Mottolino cable cabin 1815m-2402m and Mottolino 1 slope finish. 3000 per hour capacity with 12 passenger cabins. Length of 1873m. Connecting ski tracks: Degli amanti, Mottolino 1 and 2, Capricolo.


Skibus station and parking garage

Skibus station, parking garage and road to Passo d Eira and Bormio


Crap de la Pare' mountain

Crap de la Pare' mountain. 2386m altitude. This is the most amazing and panoramic point over the valley. It is a natural balcony over the lake of Livigno, facing the Federia Valley


Monte Cassa del Ferro

Monte Cassa del Ferro 3140m is a mountain of the Val Müstair in the western Alps Retiche. The mountain is located east of the lake of Livigno and north of the Pizzo del Ferro 3054m.


Teola chairlift and Giorgio Rocca slope

Teola chairlift station, 1918-2364 m above sea level. Four seats chairlift with 2400 per hour capacity and length of 1154m. Black rated Giorgio Rocca slope finish. The separate house in front of the lift closer to the camera is the ski lift tickets sales office and stairs exit from the underground parking in the same time.